Injury & Illness Claims

I couldn't have been happier with the service I received from Paul when I came to him with my car accident claim.Chris

Paul explained everything very clearly to me and kept me informed all the way.C. D.

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  • We have the knowledge and expertise you need
  • Weíre easy to talk to and give clear advice from the start
  • Itís FREE to chat with us to find out what we can do for you
  • Our clients routinely recommend us to friends and family
  • No hidden charges and in compensation cases you keep 100%
  • If your case requires a Barrister theyíll be tried and trusted
  • We donít make any deductions from your compensation
  • We cover the whole of Northern Ireland

Injury Or Illness Compensation Claims

We have commenced E coli compensation claims for a significant number of those who ate in Flicks restaurant in Belfast in both August and October 2012. Our clients are claiming compensation for the effects of E Coli food poisoning which they have suffered. We are confident that we can secure full financial compensation for each of them. If you or anyone you know has suffered food poisoning please contact Paul McEvoy at our Belfast office as soon as possible.

We have a great track record for winning compensation in injury and illness/disease claims.

If you have been injured in an accident we can give you the best advice and representation. We have extensive experience in dealing with claims arising from accidents of all kinds, including:

  • Road Accidents.
  • Accidents at work.
  • Accidents with machinery.
  • Falls from ladders or from heights.
  • Slips or trips.
  • Accidents on farms or with animals.

Our clients have won compensation for injuries, illnesses and industrial diseases including:

  • Whiplash and other neck injuries.
  • Spinal fractures and other back injuries.
  • Head injuries.
  • Scarring injuries from cuts or burns.
  • Broken bones and injuries involving joints.
  • Amputation injuries.
  • Loss of or injury to an eye.
  • Hearing loss or Tinnitus
  • Injuries causing paralysis.
  • Internal injuries including loss of the Spleen, collapsed lung and injuries affecting the ability to have children.
  • Fatal injuries.
  • Dermatitis.
  • Mesothelioma.
  • Food poisoning, including E. coli, campylobacter and salmonella.

One of the main worries most people have when they think about bringing a claim is about legal costs. In fact, most people donít need to worry about legal costs at all, because if we can win you compensation then the person or insurance company paying the compensation will also have to pay your costs. If we donít think your case in clear-cut weíll tell you that at the earliest reasonable opportunity. We can then help you to weigh up the risks and you can decide whether you want us to take on the case.

People also worry that they will have to pay their solicitor out of their compensation. That wonít happen if we act for you. We never make charges like this to the clients we act for in injury or illness compensation cases.

Whatever the accident, whatever the injury, we have the experience and expertise to make the best of your claim. Why not call us now for a FREE chat about what happened to you and what we can do for you. You will be under no obligation and it wonít cost you a penny to find out whether we can help you.

Remember, it's FREE to find out what we can do for you!